a Quartet of One


SAXLIFE plays YES: TOTAL SAX RETAIN is the first release of my Quartet of One, SAXLIFE.  This is the music of English Art-band YES, arranged by me for a saxophone quartet.  I also play all four parts.  

YES has long been my favorite band.  Their music is timeless and transcendant.  The sax quartet arrangements filter the music down to its essence, bringing a fresh approach to these familiar melodies.  Thirteen songs represented in a total of 5 tracks, including two medleys of 5 songs each. Total running time is just over 36 minutes.

TSR cover

Here are some nice reviews of TSR I have received.

I have since recorded a few other quartets, and an octet as well:

This is a piece called 'Canzonetta' by Gabriel Pierne.  I took the sax solo and scored it for a quartet.

Debussy's 'Arabesque #1.'

My arrangement of the Overture to Jesus Christ Superstar.

Here is Bach's Brandenberg concerto, scored for 8 saxes.
Mvt. 1
Mvt. 2
Mvt. 3
Mvt. 4

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